• I don’t seem to find exactly what I need even after typing in the search section, how do I send a custom order?

Right, that is why we have built in the ‘Custom Order’ feature into our proffers. To make a custom order for your project, first narrow the proffer/mJob you like. Once, you are on the proffer, you will see an option for ‘Send a Custom Order’ underneath the extra services option. Click on that and describe your project, mention your budget and the delivery time for the project, and attach any relevant pictures, images, sketches, or files for this project. Don’t worry if you forget to attach any thing relevant, you can go and message the seller in the dashboard on the top right corner of the page near the notification bell.

  • How do I receive an offer and make payment? 

Once you send the custom offer, the designer (seller) will check your order details and whether he can fulfill all the requirements or not. Based on his assessment, he will send you back a Custom Offer. You can check this in the dashboard under the message section. If you don’t agree with the seller’s offer you can negotiate or reject the offer and send some more custom orders to other designers.

If you like the Custom Offer, and would like to proceed, just click on ‘accept and check out’ and you can make the payment using your credit/debit card or via PayPal. You can monitor the progress of the order via your dashboard and expect the delivery there.

  • How to share dwg files and power-point files?

In order to quickly share large source files such as dwg and power point, please convert your file into zip files

  • How do I withdraw my balance?

After setting up you payment method, you can go to your dashboard and click on request withdrawal and it would ask for a secure code. The secure code will be emailed to you within 5 minutes. Enter the code, click on withdraw and its done

  • What do I need to send the designers for them to get the plans done?

Once you have put the order through, you will have to send the sketch of the existing floor plans in meters or feet by messaging the designer you have hired. All we need is your existing floor plan, ground as well as first, your ceiling level for each floor (in order to create the elevations), height of the loft from top of first floor to ridge (top part of the roof) and our designers will create existing plans.

Once the existing plans have been created, you can let the designers know if you want a 3m (or 4m, 6m) rear extension or side extension.

  • What do I need to do for a loft conversion  drawing?

You have to follow the same procedure as stated above except that you do not have to explain the proposal. The designers will follow the same procedure as in the Loft Conversion Drawings example. The designers will create a dormer that will be no more than 40m3 for semi-detached and end of terrace houses and 50m3 for detached houses.  Once, your drawings are delivered, you can ask for up-to 3 revisions for free in terms of the internal positioning of the WC for the loft bedroom.

  • Do I need a special app or software for the 2D and 3D?

No, your Architectural drawings (2D) will be delivered to you in PDF form and you can use that on the phone or desktop.

  • Can I order the 3D drawings and do I need a software for that?

You can’t get 3D Design for a floor with out finalizing the 2D first. The accurate 2D is a prerequisite for an Interior 3D Designer to make realistic 3D designs. You don’t need a special software for 3D as you can check the delivered results in JPG, or PNG format. However, it is recommended to ask the designers for the source file as well so you can use the same file in the future to make edits while hiring another designer anywhere.