London, 13th March, 2018: This is a small post in which we will review and go through whether outsourcing is an option for architects or it it’s just a waste of time, or is there any good platform available where architects can outsource the work overload and all these petty revisions for effective costs.

In response to the comments received on Facebook, Syd who is the Co-founder of mentioned some important points addressing the issues and doubts of many customers.

Here is what he had to say:

“Hi Neil,

Thanks for your comments and welcome your concern.

However, for the 2D drawings we haven’t said that we are doing a building regulation drawings or a structural design. The drawings mentioned here are architectural drawings (2D plans) for getting Planning for the proposal. Moreover, we have many architects using the website, who usually go to the site to get measurements done and outsource, their work in Cadhauz to save time and focus on scaling the business and stop worrying about hiring new staff every now and then. Apart from this we have many builders, who do the full measurements for their clients and then design 2D drawings from Cadhauz for £99 -£150 for typical UK 2-4 bed room houses rather than hiring an architect to do the same plans for £800-£1000. Planing laws for normal UK extensions and loft conversion are fairly simple and you don’t necessarily need to hire a RIBA qualified architect for this. You may need that for bigger projects.

Besides, the existing plans for the houses are available on the local council website, which can be used to cross check.

Also, if someone isn’t happy taking the measurements or is short of time, we offer a site visit and send a surveyor to the houses for a sum of £150 and then get the plans drawing up for £99-£149 and you still save £700 -£1200.

Apart from this our designers offer 3D floor plan service as well as highly realistic rendering from existing 2D plans from £25.

We recently had a sale of a conception deisgn of a 60 flat residential building for 1/5th of the price as compared to a local designer. We ddn’t even need the sketches for that just the plot size and location.

At the end of the day, it’s worth all the effort.

However, for structural all the details you have mentioned are necessary and design of beams needs a full awareness of the existing material of the structure.

Warm Regards

Syd and Team Cadhauz”