My name is Paul and i am a 5th year architecture student with a passion for creating 3d models and renderings. Currently i am working part time as an interior designer for a local company where i am involved with all the steps that come with creating project ( concept drawing, 3d models  , renderings etc.)

Architectural renderings (interior+exterior) and 3d model in sketchup if solicited. The softwares i use are sketchup+vray for renderings and archicad for plans /other 2d drawings(furniture technical drawings etc)

Here is an Example of What you Would Get for £99 click here: Loft Conversion Example

NOTE: If You Need Anything Other Than a Loft Conversion/Rear Extension Such as Internal Floor Plan Changes, please Send Me a Custom Offer by Clicking on Send Custom Order on the Right. Price will be Less or More Based on Complexity of Work. Price is £10 for 50 meter square. 


If you deem my work up to your standards i look forward to hearing from you.

Ps. Im interested in long-term collaborations too.

The price is better explained in the picture below:)

Have a great day