I am Kennith P. Salolog from Davao City, Philippines. A graduate of B.S. in Architecture for the school year 1998-2003 at the University of Mindanao.

My experiences in drafting through AutoCAD in various type of projects for over 10 years, was my assurance of being an assertive assistance in pursuing the reality of your project/s. As a matter of fact, I am much familiar with Imperial and Metrical System of drafting settings more specifically using sheet sets that makes the drawing coordination more efficient and accountable.

Furthermore, based on my portfolio, I am humbly introducing myself for what would be my capabilities and strengths in the field of architecture and engineering drafting works. Whether its residential, commercial, institutional and industrial that needs to be fully addressed with those necessary requirements and disciplines for schematic, design, bid or constructions documents.

I was been a team leader/manager in a local firm that handles New York based Architectural company. That’s why I am offering my services at this rate as my ground break to push my desire and goal in managing my own client. However, I am very certain that my preferred rate being allotted were just an implications that my produced quantity is at a quality level. As a matter of fact, what my employer likes to have me working with them was my ability to compose necessary issues that could be possibly needed and concerning the start of the projects and along the production of drawings. In same manner, I was the one who directly communicate the client daily through messaging at Basecamp.com and verbally during conference meeting once a week.

Moreover, it would be a great opportunity in my part if given a chance to work with you. In case you want a phone call, please contact my cell #063-09305966447 and skype(kennith8128) or just email me at kennithsalolog@gmail.com

Thanks for giving attention of knowing my background. I am looking forward to work with your group.

For more drawing samples, please see attached link of my Dropbox below.

Please inbox me first before you order.

Truly yours,